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Hyundais Only has taken excellent care of my 2001 Hyundai Accent. Everyone has been helpful and honest in keeping my economy car economical! Prices for repair are very reasonable and service is quick.

I would encourage anyone to have their Hyundai serviced by Hyundais Only!

Sally S.

AMAZING!  We have always been satisfied with our dealings with Hyundai's Only, but our recent contact was a demonstration of an establishment that knows the definition of honesty and excellent customer service.

We took my daughter's car into the shop and after an in-depth diagnosis, received advice from the staff that the car should not be repaired.  They stood to make a small fortune from the repair costs we were willing to pay.  Instead, they took into consideration that the car could not be repaired in a manner that would make it reliable and therefore, would not recommend that we invest any effort or cash into the vehicle.

This kind of customer service is so unexpected these days.  We decided to have another automobile repaired during this time.  This car is a Mercury Sable so we were pleased when they said they would look at it for us.  Although this car had been to a brake shop recently and we received an estimate for new brakes, hydraulics. hoses, etc. totaling a price of $652.00, Hyundai's Only told us that it only needed brake pads!

Delighted with our experience, my husband bought a 2007 Honda Civic from them for a price that was almost 1/2 the Kelley Blue Book price!

Needless to say when we take our Hyundai Santa Fe in on this coming Saturday for a tune-up we can do so without the usual anxiety of facing auto repair costs.

With a commitment to service and honesty, Hyundai's Only's staff is to be commended!

Brad & Lisa E.

I've bought several cars over the years from Hyundai's Only. I can say for certainty that the cars are mechanically sound and SA and his staff will not mislead you on the condition of their cars and they will stand behind any cars they sell.

I have only owned Hyundai's for the last 15 years and they are a great economical car

If you do have a repair or need to be serviced, you can be assured that the prices are reasonable and not over inflated. Their in house finance and there interest rates are the lowest I have seen. If you're honest and up front with SA and his staff, they'll do almost anything for their customers. As a matter of fact, SA and Kelly are like my Mon and Dad.

Jason R and Steven A, Las Vegas, NV

For over 10 years, Hyundai's Only have repaired my car. With few exceptions they are the only auto repair establishment whom I will allow to even touch my 1991 Toyota Celica GT. While they are friendly and courteous, the number 1 attribute all of us are looking for is: Repair the problem in a reasonable time frame at a fair price.

S. A. and Kelly, owners, have performed this distinction time and time again. No one wants to put out a lot of money especially now during these harsh economic times for expensive car repairs, but they are necessary and I believe that I'm getting the most for my money.

Trust is super important when I take my car for repairs and I am at the mercy of someone who may "mislead" me. I am so glad that I do not share that imperative. Try them! You should like them!

Howard, a very satisfied car owner, Las Vegas, NV


Your commitment to taking care of your customers is very RARE these days, and is so greatly appreciated. Your care in dealing with me in the hassle free sale and regular maintenance of my vehicle has really made an excellent impression, I wouldn't hesitate to purchase from you again or recommend you to friends and family.

Elio G., Las Vegas, NV

I love Hyundais's Only!
They are honest and there are no hidden costs. They do great service for me.
David K.

My husband and I needed a Good Honest mechanic back in 1999; we at that time had a 1996 Hyundai. We heard of Hyundai's Only through a friend and they had told us they were really great, fast and honest and they were really reasonable.
After meeting SA and his wife Kelly, we knew we had found the right people to take care of the car and we thought about, even then purchasing our next car through them. I feel so comfortable there that I can drop off the car and they will call for a rental car for you. Also you get the best rental rates throug SA.
One thing I have to say is they are so genuine that you feel like wanting them for your friends. Their daughter works with them along with a full staff of employees -- she's amazing! I believe SA knows he has a great team that works together well. We always feel welcome and SA will tell you what needs to be done to your car, BUT he will also tell you what you DON'T need. This is the best place to get your car repair and buy your next car. SA has great buys on used cars. We know, we purchased one from them. Hundai's Only is the only place we go and tha is why is Hundai's Only. Also you will get great financing. Anyone can buy a car from Hyundai's Only!!!

Anita and Jim Grace

SA, Kelly and Adria are the heart of Hyundai's Only. My husband our son and I have purchased 3 cars at Hyundai's Only. There was no haggling over pricing. SA gave us the best price and a payment plan that fit our budget. His word is his commintment to the price and the warranty. My husband is a disabled veteran and a couple of times we needed extra time on our payment and Kelly was very accomodating and helped us through that time. The integrity and respect that SA and Kelly give to their customers is beyond words. Everyone in Las Vegas should be purchasing their cars at Hyundai's Only.


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